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In the opening track we're introduced to the main character who lives with his overly religious father. His father constantly abuses the boy and drills a strict religious following into him mind, but the boy only pretends to accept it. Always holding his own views to be true. The father constantly tells the boy that he is meant to become divine or to be a sort of "Chosen" human to join the celestial father in the Heavens. The father becomes ridden with illness and the boy takes this as an opportunity to tell his father what a horrible human being he is, realizing that he is able to now live his life how he wishes to.


Are you proud of what you've done to me?
disfigured thoughts, destroyed anatomy.
Did you think that I would take your words so easily?
Accepting them without a single question?

I may not be equal or decent to you
At least I take pleasure in exercising truth.
For what is the serpent without any fangs?
And what is the vulture without venom in his veins?

Degradation of my hopes and dreams
You've left nothing, nothing to be unseen
Where's your words of wisdom, guiding me home tonight?
I've got nothing left, there's no one waiting
For me to retun home.
I am not eternal.
You are not eternal.
We are not eternal.

There's more here than I ever imagined possible

Striking down all those opposing you
Mutilation of creative minds

Stand down you monster, I am now taking control.
There's nothing for you here.


from Apotheosis, released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Words Like Wire Siler City, North Carolina

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