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Apotheosis is a concept EP following the story of a young man determined to become divine and change the world.


released February 1, 2014

Big thanks to Jose Gonzalez at Dagonz Audio Productions for helping put this together and writing all the instrumentals. Also, big thanks to Sigma Collective(Anthony Fusco in particular) for the amazing artwork.



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Words Like Wire Siler City, North Carolina

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Track Name: Indoctrine
Are you proud of what you've done to me?
disfigured thoughts, destroyed anatomy.
Did you think that I would take your words so easily?
Accepting them without a single question?

I may not be equal or decent to you
At least I take pleasure in exercising truth.
For what is the serpent without any fangs?
And what is the vulture without venom in his veins?

Degradation of my hopes and dreams
You've left nothing, nothing to be unseen
Where's your words of wisdom, guiding me home tonight?
I've got nothing left, there's no one waiting
For me to retun home.
I am not eternal.
You are not eternal.
We are not eternal.

There's more here than I ever imagined possible

Striking down all those opposing you
Mutilation of creative minds

Stand down you monster, I am now taking control.
There's nothing for you here.
Track Name: Ascension
Death walks forward, taking you from this realm
Creatures from the nether extend their hands, seeking comfort
"What are you thinking? Will you help the fallen?
Bringer of light, will you guide us home?
Do you believe in us, as we believe in you?"
There is something coming, I fear for our lives.

Won't you help us to become whole?
Chosen one can't you cleanse my soul?
The monsters you see, imaginary.
Conjurations of your wildest dreams.
There is more here than you can believe.
My mind is open and remains seren.

The final judgement is drawing near
All your souls are doomed to rot for all eternity
There is nothing I can do
Sacrificing the weak will ensure that you stay at the top.
At least that's what you're used to.
Liars, deceivers, and everything between
I will ensure that you meet your maker, that you answer for your sins.

Won't you help us to become whole?
Chosen one can't you cleanse my soul?
The monsters you see, imaginary.
Conjurations of your wildest dreams.

This is where you repent for your actions
I will make sure that you answer for this
I will watch over you and make you beg for mercy.
Track Name: Dystopia
Coming back to reality was much more difficult
Than I ever imagined possible
The world inside my head was far more comforting
Than this hell that we call existence.

Constantly being judged for what I believe
Makes me not want to believe in anything.

I must change who I am today
So that I may feel a state of being
Higher than I've ever known before

Do you see the sky, accepting souls for judgement?
Passing them to the Nether.
I vow that I will never bow down to your expectations

I am my own man, seeking guidance
From someone who never cared for me

I will fight for this(x2)
The beginning ironically the end
Your life was over before it began
Were you so ignorant that you thought
I would lie dormant.
Track Name: Apotheosis(Featuring Zane Walsh of Inception)
A transition, so now I know what waits for me.
To give my body up is to fulfill my destiny
Why didn't you say so?
I would have left sooner,
Tell me does my suffering appease your sense of humor?

Hello? Hello?
Your creation's right here dying.
In this frigid, freezing alleyway
Bleeding out more than I'm trying.
And I won't suffer further, I see the vast horizon.
A supernova, running over, that I'm recognize.

So, I leave behind all great intentions.
My future lies beyond.
The physicalities beyond the ghost
That will be reminesced and vaguely remembered.
Vaguely remembered.
I've found the eternal dawn of what this young man perceives to become.

I've seen what this world has to offer.
Hatred, suffering, and malice decreed.
I will not stand idly by.
I shall become divine and cleanse the world.

No mother to miss me, I part with the earth.
Going to father to father, my holy ghost.
Will you pray to me?
Or follow your own dreams.

Open your mind and think with your eyes.
Only your purpose remains unseen.
Your purpose remains unseen.

Open your mind and think with your eyes.
Only believe in ambition and drive.